March 14th, 2020

Pardon me, but while we are all adjusting to some new realities during this virus pandemic, I would like to try and look beyond that.

The Corona Virus has uncovered, for everybody to see and experience, further significant shortcomings of globalization. Apparently, we have traded away our security for cheap goods. Rare Earth, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine electronics, all experience supply chain issues.

Well, there will be adjustments made after things calm down.

China is (insert expletive here) done!

Of course, some Americans will insist on continuing to buy their cheap, garbage toys overseas, but all things critical will onshore. Pharma, Chemicals, Electronics, maybe even machinery and machine tools will have to build shorter supply chains right here in North America and Europe.

This will be a boon to the paperboard packaging industry, as all these goods need packaging!

Yes, certainly many interests will fight this, not only for economic reasons, also because they can’t admit that Trump was so darn prescient, but the American people will demand it!

If the European people still have sufficient control to stem the special interests will have to be learned.

Latin America could be a beneficiary, too, if the people there can overcome corruption and socialist tendencies.

I am very bullish for market capitalism, the paperboard packaging industry, and the American Dream!

In the meantime, we keep our social distance and wash our hands often! Cheers!